Capoeira for Children: Level 1

Capoeira for Children: Level 1
Ages: 4 yrs. to 9 yrs.

Join teaching artist Levi Guerrero in an immersive introduction to the art of Capoeira dance. Each class will include a mix of activities. As part of the curriculum, new students will learn self-defense through the art of Capoeira. In parallel, they will develop basic communication skills in Portuguese by learning to sing Capoeira songs and by learning the names of the movements. Students will also learn about the rich history of Capoeira and the country of its origin.

(1) Stretching and warm up: Each class begins with a session of stretching and warm up to physically condition the students. It increases their flexibility, strength and balance while preparing their body for physical activity.

(2) Capoeira movements: The practice of basic Capoeira movements includes moving steps, kicks, escapes, and acrobatics. These movements are practiced both individually and in pairs. During individual drills the students mimic the instructor’s movements and have the opportunity to refine their technique. When in pairs, students interact with each other by utilizing what they have learned in creative and practical ways. The acrobatic movements are similar to the ones practiced in gymnastics; however, they do not stress perfect form, but rather self-expression and each student’s unique style of movement.

(3) Music and dance: The Brazilian culture is shared during the class through music, dance, language and history. We teach to the students a variety of instruments, including string and percussion types, and introduce them to Capoeira songs. Students learn to play Brazilian rhythms, and the most adventurous can even compose. Dance is also part of the class, allowing for self-expression through the execution of choreographies or improvisations of rhythmic dances from Brazil. Finally, students will learn basic communication skills in Portuguese through the instructor’s drills and by learning Portuguese lyrics. 

Saturdays, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Dates: Jan 8, 2022 - Mar 12, 2022
10 Session(s)
Instructor: Levi Guerrero
Members: $ 185.00 | Non-Members: $ 185.00
Material Fees: $ 0.00
Full, Waitlist Available