Cancelled: Week 1: Circus Arts Afternoon Virtual Camp [Ages 7-12]

Cancelled: Week 1: Circus Arts Afternoon Virtual Camp [Ages 7-12]
Ages: 7 yrs. to 12 yrs.
In this afternoon online camp session, students will explore the exiciting world of circus arts. Campers will learn an array of circus arts elements including: prop-work (hula hoops, flower sticks), juggling, creative movement, and choreography. You don't have to be an experienced circus performer to join this exciting camp! Beginners Welcome! 

We will be using the following materials in this camp:
3 bandanas or similar size squares of fabric
(these will be used for juggling and dancing)
2 Long Socks + 2 Tennis Balls
(these will be used to make a spinning prop called Poi)
Hula Hoop
(One or two. Please make sure they aren’t too small.)
How to Measure Hoop Diameter: When standing with
the hoop in front of them, the hoop should measure
from the ground up to about the student’s belly button
Hat & Flower Supplies
Empty cereal box (we will cut this up)
Construction Paper (various colors)
Scotch/3M clear gift wrapping tape
Yarn (one color is fine)
Markers (various colors)
Ribbon “Magic” Wand Supplies
Electrical Tape (one or two colors)
(could also substitute patterned duct tapes)
Ribbons (multiple colors & all in widths ½” or smaller)
Paperclips (2)
12” long dowel rod (at least ½” diameter)
(could also substitute 2 or 3 not-sharpened wooden
pencils, we will tape over these to create our wand

About the Instructor: Jessica Schadt is a lifelong artist, athlete & fitness enthusiast who has a professional background working at various companies doing all things creative. She has been hoop dancing since 2010 and has several hoop dance videos featured on She also teaches/performs other circus and aerial art forms (since 2015) including poi, poi flags, circus manipulations & balance props, aerial silks, aerial rope, etc. She has experience teaching students of all ages… kids, teens, and adults! Jessie has also performed and/or taught at many different style events such as: formal and casual receptions, parties, festivals, stage shows, kids camps, after school programs, charity events, and weddings. She continues to expand her knowledge & training in circus arts each year by enrolling in various circus arts classes, seminars, workshops, and camps. She applies techniques learned from professional instructors and established circus programs + other creative movement, dance, and fitness resources to her teaching methods to create inclusive and fun activities for all ages.
Jun 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 1:00 PM-3:00 PM
5 Session(s)
Instructor: Jessica Schadt
Members: $ 200.00 | Non-Members: $ 225.00
Material Fees: $ 0.00
Registration Closed