Four-Day Alla Prima Painting Workshop with Christine Lafuente

Four-Day Alla Prima Painting Workshop with Christine Lafuente
This 4-day workshop focuses on mastering materials and techniques in oil painting from observation/visual perception. More specifically, this workshop will cover palette organization,limited palettes, control of color-mixing in tonal painting, alla prima oil painting technique, use of mediums,composition, the aesthetic relationship between visual perception and still-life arrangement, and learning to see in abstract terms.

The first afternoon will include optional individual critiques, 15 minutes long, during uninstructed studio painting time. Students are invited to bring in 3-6 pieces for that purpose on the first day. The second day will include a full morning of lecture/demonstration. The third day will be devoted entirely to painting and one-on-one instruction. The final morning will include a brief group critique with paintings done during the workshop.
Class size is limited to 8 students. Experience in drawing from life/observation is recommended.  

Bring a snack and beverage to enjoy during breaks.
Suggested Oil Colors:
•           Burnt Sienna
•           Ultramarine Blue
•           Titanium White or Titanium/Zinc Blend
•           Lead/Flake White
•           Yellow Ochre
•           Ivory Black
•           Cadmium Red Medium*[*AVOID “HUE”s]
•           Cadmium Yellow Pale*[*AVOID “HUE”s]
•           Cobalt Blue*[*AVOID “HUE”s]
•           Alizarin Crimson
•           Cadmium Yellow Medium*[*AVOID “HUE”s]
•           Cadmium Lemon
•           Cerulean Blue*[*AVOID “HUE”s]
•           Raw Umber
•           Raw Sienna
•           Rose (either Rose Madder or Permanent Rose)
 ADDITIONAL: Jaune Brillant, Terra Rosa, Terra Verte
•           A decent range of mid-size to large (#4 -#12) HOG bristles in a variety of flats, rounds, and filberts. Use ONLY good quality, good condition brushes.
ADDITIONAL: Sables and/or soft synthetic brushes
Basic Mediums:
•           Odorless Mineral Spirits/Turpenoid or Turpentine.
•           Artist Grade Linseed Oil
•          4-6 midsize surfaces: approximately (11”x14” to 14”x18”), and a few additional smaller surfaces (8x10 or so)
Cotton Canvas, Linen Canvas, Panel, Museum Board. Must be adequately primed
Thursdays, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Class Date: Oct 18, 2018
4 Session(s)
Instructor: Christine Lafuente
Members: $ 700.00 | Non-Members: $ 725.00
Material Fees: $ 0.00