Painting the Garden: Alla Prima Workshop at Morven

Painting the Garden: Alla Prima Workshop at Morven
Monday July 20-Wednesday July 22, 9-12pm
Explore the gardens at Morven Museum and Gardens – the perfect setting for painting en plein air! This three day workshop is designed for an intermediate student who is looking for time to build on their painting skills with the guidance of an experienced instructor. Students will have the opportunity to set-up their easels around the grounds of this historic gem in the heart of Princeton. Paint the surroundings at one of Princeton's most beautiful and historic venues. In case of inclement weather, a make up class will be held on Friday June 19th.

Please note that this class will take place out doors, from 9-12pm Monday - Wednesday. At the current time, no bathrooms will be available.
This class will be taught using social distancing measures. Students will be asked to wear masks and stay at least 6 feet apart from the instructor and other students at all times. Class size will be limited. For their comfort and safety students should bring their own easels and chairs.  

Most of these materials are available at Jerry's in Lawrenceville, Dick Blick, Michael's, and A.C. Moore.

Portable easel: There are lots of options for easels, from a traditional French box easel to a lightweight pochade or painting box. Instructor recommends a painting box and a tripod.


Large tube ofTitanium White (I prefer Grumbacher Pre-Tested Soft Titanium White)
Small tube of the following colors (I prefer Gamblin): Cadmium Lemon, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Red Medium, Quinacridone Red, Ultramarine Blue
Small tube of Winsor Newton Blue/Green Shade

Hogs Hair Brushes (I prefer Signet Robert Simmons): Flat Sizes 4, 5 and 6, Filbert Size 1

Painting media:
odorless thinner/spirits (Turpenoid, Mona Lisa Odorless Thinner or similar) - please avoid turpentine!
linseed oil 74 ml /2.5 oz.

Painting surfaces:
1 or 2 small panels (I prefer Centurion): Size 8x10, 9x12 or 11x14

12" x 16" disposable palette pad OR a roll of freezer paper (much cheaper!).
Optional: a sealable palette box is a transportable storage solution.
Masterson makes a dedicated product, but a large, flat Tupperware container will suffice.

disposable gloves (recommended)
1 small container for linseed oil (baby food jars work well)
Paper towel roll or rags
Viewfinder (You will need a viewfinder that adjusts to the size of your panel. ViewCatcher is a good choice.
Small sketchbook, kneaded eraser, and a soft pencil (4B is good)

Jul 20, 21, 22 9:00 AM-12:00 PM
3 Session(s)
Instructor: Debra Pisacreta
Members: $ 125.00 | Non-Members: $ 150.00
Material Fees: $ 0.00
Full, Waitlist Available